Small Business Support 

Small Business Support 

Business Support can transform your business 

Having someone objective around, who you can bounce ideas off, is a vital part of business support. If you don’t have someone who can do this for you – a friend or mentor – then accessing a business coach or joining a supportive mastermind group can be an excellent way to get some small business support. 

How to find business support 

When you’re looking for business support in the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many different online forums and business groups you can join, and it’s not always easy to know where you should go for genuine support in business. 
When you’re working with someone who can act as your sounding board and help you achieve business growth, it makes sense if they have already run a business themselves and know what they’re doing. Ideally you want them to be experienced and able to pass on the knowledge they’ve acquired over several years of being in business. If you’re a relatively new business, there’s often no benefit to you taking advice from another new business owner. 

How BizSmart can help 

At BizSmart we run a series of SmartBoards, where hand-selected business owners come together in a group to offer each other business support. Conducted online via conference calls, and often with at least one introductory meeting face to face, these groups are incredibly beneficial in helping our clients to achieve business success. 
Each group is facilitated by one of our experienced business advisors, who can guide and steer the SmartBoard members in the right direction. As well as getting answers and advice on your own challenges, real benefits also come from hearing about what your fellow SmartBoard members are going through in their businesses. 
You will always be able to take something of value from the experiences of other business owners and they’ll share their hard-earned business tips with you to put you on the path to business growth. 


BizSmart Select Member Andy Phillips has this to say about the mastermind group he’s in. 
“From the onset, the group showed us how, as business owners, we have a tendency to procrastinate certain jobs just because we can. When we have someone else to answer to other than ourselves, our priorities shift and we make it our duty to get the task done, get it done well and get it done on time. There are no excuses that “the dog ate your homework” in our Mastermind group; each of us takes pride in seeing the growth of our own and our teammates’ businesses. It’s our fundamental focus on “getting stuff done” that makes the group so successful.” 
Joining one of our SmartBoards gives you the benefits of advice, input, accountability and someone to bounce ideas off. Picture the scene when you’re next facing a challenge in your business, or you need help to make a critical decision. You will have several fellow business owners to help you, whose advice you value and trust. 
They’ll quiz you over the situation, push you to think through the best route for your business and help you find a positive way forward. They’ll also check up on you later to see that you took the actions you said you would. How different would your business be in 12 months if you had a SmartBoard in your life? 
Click here to find out more about our SmartBoard service or get started straight away with our free SmartChecker report. 
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