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ScaleUp VIP Club: How to Be More Efficient and Reduce Wasted Effort in Your Business 
In today’s competitive business environment, efficiency is key to success. Being efficient means maximizing productivity while minimizing wasted effort and resources. To increase efficiency and reduce wasted effort in your business, streamline processes, set clear goals, leverage technology, foster continuous improvement, provide employee training, delegate effectively, and monitor performance metrics. 

ScaleUp VIP Club 

Meet, Share, Collaborate, Learn 
By Invitation Only 
Our next membership event is on: 
Tuesday 20th August 
from 12.30pm - 2.30pm 
Theme: How to be more efficient and reduce wasted effort in your business 
Email to get your exclusive invitiation 

Upcoming ScaleUp Club Dates and Topics 

Tuesday 17th September - Theme: How to minimise the risk of a bad hire 
Tuesday 15th October - Theme: How to understand the ScaleUp Journey and where you are 
Tuesday 19th November - Theme: How to develop effective job ads and descriptions 
Tuesday 17th December - Theme: How to get more done in 90 days than most in a year 

Meet, Share, Collaborate and Learn 

By Invitation only for selected business owners to share opportunities, issues, experiences and resources in order to help each other to scale and build valuable businesses. 
Meet and 'rub shoulders' other credible and ambitious business owners looking to ScaleUp. Typical members have gained national recognition and are looking to lead and/ or disrupt their sector 
Share your experiences, your lessons learned and benefit from hearing other's too - why repeat the same mistakes? 
Find opportunities to Collaborate with other great people - look for ways to 'go further together'! 
Learn from other's mistakes (and wins) and from our monthly ScaleUp theme presentation taken from our book the Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System (ESUS) 
Simple Way to Pay 
ScaleUp Club Membership cost is just £50+VAT per month 
Join our exclusive membership for business owners looking to rub shoulders with like minded businesses owners. Including access to all content, information on how to join the virtual ScaleUp networking meetings. 
ScaleUp Club Membership plus 121 cost is £100+VAT per month 
This includes registration, access to all content, information on how to join the virtual ScaleUp networking meetings, and scheduling of your quarterly 30 minute 121 sessions 
Once you are registered you will receive welcome details and information. Terms & conditions will apply and if your card is not accepted each month you will lose access to the membership information. 
"You’re not the average of the five people you surround yourself with. It’s way bigger than that. You’re the average of ALL the people who surround you. So take a look around and make sure you’re in the right surroundings." 
David Burkus - 'Thinkers50' ranked Thought Leader 

  Our goal is to help YOU to spread your wings.  Reduce stress associated with managing your team, and worries surrounding cash flow, without feeling out of control.  

"The calibre of attendees means you can genuinely share ideas and get advice from those who have been there and done it."  
"The ability to engage with likeminded people and talk through common problems and gain ways in which other businesses and owners have resolved or worked through them." 
Do you: 
Want proven strategies and systems to scale your company? 
Need a sounding board of peers who can share their experiences and help you overcome barriers to scaling up? 
See value in being held accountable to get more done? 
Want to know if your business is ScaleUp ready? 
If the answer to any of the above is Yes - join now or book a 30-minute free, no-obligation call at a time that suits you. 
ScaleUp sessions explore the themes from within the pillars of Strategy, People, Execution and Cash and are aimed at gaining freedom and control – escaping the owner’s trap – and providing the tools to scale up successfully and to navigate the ‘Valleys of Death’ along the way. 
The focus is on collaborative working with peers, addressing issues and opportunities and coming away with key take-aways/actions that can be implemented. 
In addition, our 'Inspiring Growth' round-table events will explore the broader aspects of the core pillars using subject specialists and round-table discussion – dovetailing neatly with the ScaleUp events. 

Already A Member? 

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