Here are some examples of businesses in Birmingham who are growing and why they're thriving. 

Million Labs - Birmingham 

Have you ever had a great idea for a business and then being put off by maybe not having the coding skills or the technical skills to be able to build whatever you need to do, or finding someone that can do it for you and being confident that it's not going to cost you thousands of pounds? 
Well, Simon Jenner is the co founder of million labs, and that's the challenge that they help startup founders overcome. 
Million Labs use their No Code platform to help founders get to their minimum viable product (or MVP) as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible. 
And they'll even potentially provide a little bit of seed investment to help the founder on their way. Sounds like the dream product and service for a budding tech entrepreneur, doesn't it? 

Popcorn CRM - Edgbaston 

Simon Washbrook is the founder of Popcorn CRM, a simple to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that is designed specifically for small businesses. 
In basic terms, Simon and his team help small business owners keep track of their leads, referrals and all of their prospects through the development of a CRM program. 
Simon himself comes from a marketing background, but it was his realisation that small businesses needed a CRM that met their needs and didn’t overcomplicate things, and so the idea of popcorn was born. 
In the past 9 years the company has grown to 7 employees, which includes 3 developers who are constantly working on the software itself and its progression. 

Kinetic PR - Birmingham 

Angela Podmore is the founder and CEO of Kinetic PR, a PR consultancy that specialise in helping organisations to scale and have grown from local to international since they started in 2004. 
Angela is a real powerhouse of a business owner, and that comes across in this conversation as we cover so many subjects in just the first few minutes! 
Within this episode, though, is some genuine advice that you can put into practise on your business straight away. 
Just some of the highlights from our conversation are: 
- How to identify your competitive edge, and be passionate about your difference within the marketplace, and also how knowing your difference will help you with values and culture within the business. 
- The importance of ‘putting your heart’ into your business, and not always letting your head make the decisions. 
- Instilling in your team that their ideas and solutions to client problems are just as valid as anyone else's. 
You can hear Angela’s passion right throughout this episode, and it’s a passion that is, hopefully, infectious and helps you with your own scale up journey. 

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