BizSmart® - Business ScaleUp Franchise 

Spread your wings... come fly with us! 

Who Are We  

BizSmart® gives business owners "wings" through a rock-solid, proven system for scaling up and building value. We call this Flight Academy® 
Fundamentally we are about helping business owners of small and medium sized businesses (typically with 2 to 30 employees) to create the business success that allows them the freedom and control they were looking for when they decided to strike out on their own - and ulitmately gain the quality of life they were seeking. So, it is about helping business owners spread their wings and soar gracefully! 

Our USP's  

Cleary defined business offer to SME's - BizSmart®. We are specialists in business transformation & scale-up with peer-to-peer support.  
BizSmart® are disrupting the market for SME business support services - our offering is unique, innovative and professional...and it gets results! 
We have a range of products and services to meet every SME's business apirations and budgets - flexible, accessible programmes focused on business scale-up & value creation with support from like-minded business owners.  
Technology-driven business - impressive digital platform that delivers a professional, user-friendly client experience, drives efficeincies, and creates consistency of service.  
BizSmart® has an extensive library of tutorials in video & online learning material formats as well as the systems and processes in place for our franchisees - learning materials are tried & tested, proven to deliver results for businesses participating.  
Unique peer-to-peer structure that delivers strong client engagement, accountability, loyalty, trust information & knowledge share - as well as clients promoting BizSmart® to fellow businesspeople. Strong referral & advocacy model.  
Our Scale-Up programmes have been carefully developed over the last 8 years and have proven to deliver results for clients as well as a sustainable, profitable business for BizSmart®  

Technology & Innovation  

Technology is at the core of our business. As an innovative business, BizSmart® has invested in bespoke, state-of-the-art technology including Flight Academy®, our unique online Scale-up Resources, Smart90® software and ScaleUp Radio Podcasts. 
In addition, we embrace a range of technologies such as The Value Builde System®, Ontraport CRM, Stripe and Zoom which drive our professionalism and our business efficiency.  

What We Do   


Why Invest in a BizSmart Franchise?   

5.9m SME's in the UK     

Approximately 10,000 target business owner managers within each franchise area 

200k+ new SMEs opened in 2019    

16.6m employed in SME sector 

Approximately 1.3m Business Owner Managers in the UK fall into our target group - limited companies with between 2 and 50 employees 

Demonstrable opportunity to build a strong 6-figure income based on recurring revenue 

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