Hey ScaleUp enthusiasts! We've had an incredible week on ScaleUp Radio, featuring three outstanding entrepreneurs sharing their journeys. Let's dive into the highlights of Episodes #338, #339, and #340! 

Episode #338: Growing a Thriving Company Without Direct Involvement - with Anthony Marks 

In this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony Marks, the visionary founder of Fanattik. Anthony took us on a captivating journey through the challenges of breaking into the licensing world, the role of team empowerment, and the global dynamics of innovation. From hiring insights to the joy of seeing products on shelves, Anthony shared wisdom on early delegation for business growth. 
πŸ” Key Takeaways: 
Overcoming licensing challenges with a passion-driven approach. 
The pivotal role of team empowerment in scaling up. 
International markets often embrace innovation more than the UK. 

Episode #339: Passion Is Key - Not Just In The Business, But The Clients Too - with Rick Mayston 

In our second episode, we explored the dynamic world of multimedia publishing with Rick Mayston, Founder and Managing Director of Agent Fox Media. Rick shared a decade-long journey, from founding Agent Fox Media to collaborations with major brands like Marvel and Hachette. His passion-driven approach, 'Beyond the Book' initiative, and recent entrepreneur award nomination left us inspired. 
πŸ” Key Takeaways: 
Building a successful business model on passion. 
The unique 'Beyond the Book' initiative in multimedia publishing. 
The significance of passion in client relationships. 

Episode #340: Refining Business Excellence: A VA Success Tale - with Paddy Vanessa White 

Our third episode delved into the inspiring story of Paddy (Vanessa) White, the founder of 'Virtual Diamond.' Paddy's journey from starting a VA business at home to building a thriving enterprise showcased the power of referrals and client satisfaction. We learned about Paddy's emphasis on team happiness, client selection process, and the vital role of feedback in continuous improvement. 
πŸ” Key Takeaways: 
The transformative power of referrals and client satisfaction. 
Prioritizing team happiness for enhanced client services. 
The importance of saying 'no' when necessary in client processes. 


ScaleUp Radio has once again brought forth a week of valuable insights and entrepreneurial wisdom. From licensing challenges to multimedia publishing and virtual assistance success, these episodes have covered a spectrum of strategies and approaches. If you missed any, catch up now on your preferred podcast platform. 
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