In the fiercely competitive realm of third-party logistics (3PL), Jay B Sauceda steered Sauceda Industries to remarkable success, culminating in a $14 million sales milestone and acquisition by  
The catalyst behind this triumph? Unwavering adherence to core values: “Yes, And,” “Explore More,” and “Give a Sh!t.” 

Talent Recruitment: A Distinctive Approach 

Sauceda identified a pivotal opportunity with Howler Brothers, a digital purveyor of stylish outdoor gear whose leadership resonated with Sauceda’s core values. More than mere slogans, these values became integral to job descriptions, ensuring that new hires were aligned with the company ethos. “Yes, And” fostered dialogue, “Explore More” encouraged initiative, and “Give a Sh!t” signaled a commitment to quality. 
In a landscape saturated with mundane job listings, Sauceda stood out. His job ads served as both a magnet and a filter, attracting talent aligned with the company’s dynamic culture. Descriptions emphasised the desire for individuals who cared about their work, sought personal growth, and were committed to long-term contributions. 

Employee Training and Metrics: Nurturing Excellence 

New recruits underwent dedicated training programs to internalise Sauceda’s core values. Performance evaluations moved beyond revenue metrics, recognising employees who embodied “Yes, And,” “Explore More,” and “Give a Sh!t.” Praise for these values-driven achievements filled the company's Slack channels, fostering a culture of recognition and reward. 
For Sauceda, creating a distinctive culture was paramount. He emphasised, “Our values lived in our daily interactions, whether it was an employee going above and beyond for a client or in our collaborations.” 

Client Relationships: A Shared Foundation 

These core values extended beyond the workplace, influencing client interactions and setting criteria for enduring partnerships. Notable among them was Howler Brothers, a testament to the success that emerges when clients align with the company's values. Sauceda noted, “When a client fits naturally with our core values, the collaboration is far more likely to be fruitful.” 

Building a Valuable Company: From Bootstrapping to Acquisition 

Sauceda Industries experienced exponential growth, evolving from a modest 3,000-square-foot office in 2013 to a sprawling 126,000-square-foot facility with 150 employees by 2020. “We bootstrapped all the way to the top,” Sauceda asserted, attributing the company’s rapid, self-funded ascent to its value-driven framework. 

Conclusion: A Blueprint for Success 

The journey of Sauceda Industries stands as a testament to the transformative power of core values. Beyond being principles on paper, these values became the driving force behind talent recruitment, employee excellence, and enduring client relationships. Sauceda's success serves as a blueprint for businesses seeking not only growth but a lasting impact—one grounded in shared values and a commitment to something greater than the bottom line. In the competitive landscape of 3PL, Sauceda Industries proved that a company's true value lies not just in what it delivers but in how it lives its values every day. 

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