Dive into the latest ScaleUp Radio episodes where we explore the dynamic realms of software development, beauty industry innovation, and the exciting journey of Flying Duck Studio Lab. Join us for a triple treat of scaling stories with Tom Haworth worth of B13 AI, Yanika Cordina of Cordina Hair, and Alixe Lobato of Flying Duck Studio Lab. 
Episode #344 - Navigating Software Development Challenges with B13 AI 
Tom Haworth, the visionary founder of B13 AI, takes us on a journey through de-risking software development. Discover the secrets of making code accessible and manageable for startups and scale-ups. Uncover the strategic outsourcing, risk reduction strategies, and the fascinating growth story of B13 AI. 
Episode #345 - The Birth, The Drama, The Growth: The Manufacturing Maze in the Beauty Industry with Yanika Cordina 
Yanika Cordina, the brilliant mind behind Cordina Hair, shares her revolutionary journey creating the Flower Curl hair tool. Explore the challenges, drama on Dragon's Den, and the manufacturing maze that led to Cordina Hair's success. Learn about sales strategies, partnerships, and maintaining marketing mastery in the beauty industry. 
Episode #346 - Clear Goals, Patience & Consistency: A Journey In Business Growth - with Alixe Lobato 
Alixe Lobato, the founder and creative director of Flying Duck Studio Lab, brings insights into entrepreneurship, ethical business practices, and the exciting future of the animation studio. From founding principles to hiring philosophy and plans for growth, Alixe shares the ups, downs, and lessons learned in her journey of building Flying Duck Studio Lab. 
πŸ’‘ Common Grounds: Unveiling Shared Insights. As we catch up on these three dynamic episodes, let's uncover the common themes and shared insights: 
🌐 Strategic Growth: Each episode touches on strategic approaches to growth, whether it's in software development, beauty tool manufacturing, or animation studio expansion. 
πŸš€ Team Building: Hear how the importance of team building and hiring philosophies contributes to the success stories of these businesses. 
πŸ› οΈ Navigating Challenges: From risk reduction strategies to overcoming manufacturing hurdles, discover how these entrepreneurs navigated challenges in their unique industries. 
πŸ”— Tune in for a triple dose of scaling inspiration as we explore the journeys of B13 AI, Cordina Hair, and Flying Duck Studio Lab! 
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