Scaling up a business is no small feat, but the stories of entrepreneurs who've mastered the art of expansion can be both inspiring and instructive. Join us on ScaleUp Radio as we explore the remarkable journeys of three entrepreneurs who've achieved tremendous growth in their respective fields. These stories are a testament to the power of strategic planning, resilience, and the pursuit of one's passion. 

Mastering the Art of Scaling Up - Michael Horne 

In our first interview, we sat down with Michael Horne, the driving force behind Kidwells Group, an organisation that has seen exponential growth and diversification. Key Takeaways: 
Business Strategy: Michael shares insights into the power of strategic growth and robust planning. His journey with Kidwells Group, which spans various sectors, including legal, accounting, loans, and land banking, serves as a testament to the art of expansion. 
Leadership Development: We discuss the challenges of entrepreneurial life, the art of leadership, and the vital role of the workforce in a company's success. 
Business Vision: Michael's innovative approach to using social media, the resilience of Kidwells Group, and the genesis and progression of their marketing business, 'Whats-in,' offer valuable lessons for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners. 

From Rejection to Stardom: The Roll Me Up Ice Cream Adventure - Jason Hanratty 

In the second interview, we embark on a delectable journey with Jason Hanratty, the visionary owner of Roll Me Up, a boutique ice cream company that's made waves across the UK. Key Takeaways: 
Business Execution: Jason's story isn't just about crafting delicious ice cream; it's a tale of tenacity, creativity, and resilience. He shares his journey from small family business origins to a nationwide sensation. 
Marketing Strategies: We delve into the evolution of Jason's business model, his strategic decisions, and the importance of creating 'wow' moments for customers. 
Profitable Growth: From rejection at local events to triumphant gigs, Jason's story is a testament to the potential for growth, even in challenging circumstances. 

A Taste of Family with Handcrafted Passion - Clara Cardillo 

In our third interview, we explore the world of Italian cooking with Clara Cardillo, the passionate force behind Non Solo Pasta, a thriving ready-made meals business in Stroud. Key Takeaways: 
Value Proposition: Clara's journey, from a fun project with her husband to a full-time culinary endeavor, is a testament to the importance of dreaming big and embracing hard work. 
Team Building: We discuss the significance of a close-knit team that shares values, ethics, and even lunches together. 
Profit Maximization: Clara's strategic focus on consolidating the customer base and the unexpected growth of Non Solo Pasta during the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the potential for success in the face of challenges. 


This week's ScaleUp Radio interviews have unveiled inspiring entrepreneurial journeys, offering valuable insights into business strategy, leadership development, and the pursuit of passion. These stories are a testament to the potential for growth and success, even in challenging circumstances. We hope these interviews inspire you on your journey to scaling up your business. 
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