Starting a business often embodies aspirations of growth, yet the reality presents a stark picture: nearly 96% of businesses struggle to surpass the 10-employee mark within specific time frames. Scaling a business remains an intricate and daunting challenge for many entrepreneurs. 
Amidst these challenges, the Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System (ESUS) emerges as a beacon of hope. Developed by BizSmart®, ESUS is a comprehensive guide specifically designed to tackle the hurdles encountered during business growth. 

Understanding the Challenges of Scaling a Business 

When diving into the entrepreneurial world, the dream of growth often collides with stark statistics. Nearly half of start-ups fold within five years, while two-thirds struggle to survive past the 10-year mark. These statistics, while daunting, illuminate the challenges that business owners face in driving and sustaining growth. 

The Role of ESUS in Navigating Growth Challenges 

In response to these challenges, ESUS serves as a guiding light. It's a well-crafted toolkit that has aided hundreds of companies in reaching their growth ambitions. ESUS isn’t a 'one-size-fits-all' solution, but rather a systematic approach that analyses and provides insights into common challenges encountered during scaling up. 

Core Principles of ESUS 

ESUS centres on the 'ScaleUp Journey,' emphasizing essential pillars like strategy, people, execution, and cash. This system acts as a roadmap, steering businesses through obstacles and milestones on the path to sustainable growth. 

Liberating Businesses from the 'Owner’s Trap' 

One of ESUS's pivotal roles is liberating business owners from the 'Owner’s Trap.' It empowers effective delegation and leadership development, enabling owners to shift from working 'in' the business to working 'on' it, a crucial step in achieving scalable growth. 

The Power of Effective 90-Day Planning 

ESUS highlights the importance of 90-day planning, ensuring consistency and goal alignment across businesses of various scales. This structured approach helps in setting achievable short-term goals contributing to long-term success. 

ESUS: Benefiting Business Owners 

ESUS proves beneficial for ambitious leaders facing typical growth challenges, such as time constraints, team alignment issues, and financial struggles. It caters to businesses with employee numbers ranging from 3 to 40, providing them with a playbook to regain control and foster growth. 

Embracing ESUS for Long-Term Success 

Understanding that ESUS isn’t a quick fix is vital. It demands commitment and implementation to fortify the business foundation. By embracing ESUS, business owners gain access to a structured system, enabling them to confront challenges proactively and ensure sustained growth and success. 


In conclusion, ESUS stands as a proven system for scale-up, guiding businesses towards overcoming hurdles and thriving in their growth journey. Kevin Brent, the founder of BizSmart®, introduces ESUS as an instrumental tool for businesses navigating the complexities of growth, aiming for sustained success. 
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