ScaleUp Membership Club - June 2024 

How to Create a Competitive Advantage 

ScaleUp Club  June 2024  Slides 

Bonus Materials 

The included bonus materials for June include: 
1. Recording of the ScaleUp VIP Club presentation 
2. Ebook 
3. Slides from the presentation 
4. ScaleUp Challenge Report 
5. Access to BizSmart ScaleUp VIP Club members-only group on LinkedIn. 

This month's ScaleUp Club was all about: Strategy 

This month’s theme was "How to Create a Competitive Advantage." 
Competitive advantage is not merely about having a unique selling proposition (USP); it is about creating real differentiation in our offer or operations that is valued by customers, challenging for competitors to replicate, and ultimately leads to superior profits compared with our competitors. 
Speaker: Adrian Burden 
Adrian shared insights from his journey through startup, finance, scaling, and a successful exit, also detailed in his book "Start to Exit." Now focused on digital certificates and blockchain, Adrian emphasised the business lessons crucial for building and scaling enterprises. Adrian has also recently been a guest on ScaleUp Radio, and you can listen to the full interview HERE
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Next ScaleUp Club Event:  Tuesday 20th July 2024 at 12.30pm 


If you aspire to ScaleUp your business then this is the podcast for you. Listen in as we uncover key lessons and experiences from business owners just like you as they ScaleUp their businesses 
Within almost all of those interviews, the question ‘What advice would you give…?’ has come up, so we thought that it would be nice to compile all of those little nuggets of great business advice into one episode. 

LinkedIn Group 

The exclusive community for BizSmart ScaleUp members. We post regular updates and links on LinkedIn to useful resources and information. 
Please do share anything that will help you or others to build scalable businesses. 
Perhaps you have a question, an issue you need help on, or perhaps you have an opportunity or information you would like to share with the group. 
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