The collaboration between BizSmart and Chantry as foundation members has been a dynamic and rewarding journey. As we strive to recruit high-performing franchisees, our recent review call underscored the progress made and outlined strategies to enhance our efforts. Here’s a snapshot of how things are going, along with our plans for future success. 

Building Momentum with High-Performing Franchisees 

Our primary focus is on securing a new high-performing franchisee to create momentum and excitement within the BizSmart network. This effort is pivotal for showcasing our potential and inspiring future prospects. 

Enhanced Website and Messaging Alignment 

To attract ideal franchisees, we are prioritizing a website refresh and refining our messaging. This alignment will ensure that our online presence is consistent with our new positioning, making it more appealing to potential franchisees. 

Aspirational Growth Projections 

We believe in inspiring our prospects with realistic yet aspirational growth projections. These projections will be crafted to motivate and excite prospects, showing them the promising future that lies ahead with BizSmart. 
Our team remains optimistic and determined. We believe that with the right strategies executed well, success is within reach. This positive mindset is crucial as we continue to build and refine our approach. 


The partnership between BizSmart and Chantry continues to flourish, with a strong focus on recruiting high-performing franchisees and enhancing our strategic approach. With an aligned website, inspiring growth projections, and innovative AI tools, we are poised for significant growth. Our commitment to maintaining a positive mindset and executing our strategies effectively will undoubtedly lead to continued success. Stay tuned as we share this transformative journey with you all. For more information about the Chantry Foundation click here 
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