Leading Electronic Point of Sales [EPoS] specialist, Langley Business Systems has 
reported a 25% increase in overall turnover, 67% increase in recurring revenue and 
62% increase in profit since working with Worcestershire based business support 
provider, BizSmart®. 
Headquartered in West Bromwich, Langley Business Systems services thousands of 
businesses in the hospitality, food & beverage, retail, garden & leisure, and sporting 
industries across the West Midlands and wider areas of the UK. 
With a clear objective to drive sustained business growth, managing director, 
Richard Cox, enlisted the help of BizSmart® in 2018. 
Since this time, Langley Business Systems has benefitted significantly from 
BizSmart® support, primarily its Smart90 quarterly planning sessions and ‘Smart 
Boards’ - a co-ordinated peer-to-peer group of like-minded business owners who 
meet monthly to help one another overcome challenges and achieve their growth 
As a result, Langley Business Systems has seen a drastic improvement in the 
overall organisation and direction of the business, increasing monthly recurring 
revenue from 40% to 70% of its annual turnover. 
Richard Cox explained: “For years we tried to grow the business, and though we 
experienced some organic growth, the laser-focused approach generated by 
BizSmart®, ensured we were able to reach our objectives far more quickly. 
“For me, the Smart 90 Planning sessions were a huge game changer that allowed us 
to focus on recurring revenue and take it from 40% to 70% of our turnover. This gave 
us structure and strength, ensuring that all our costs were covered at the start of 
each month. 
“I can honestly say we are a completely different business as a result, and I have 
recommended BizSmart® to many fellow business owners. The ability to work with 
peers and understand the challenges they face in their own businesses day-to-day is 
incredibly powerful.” 
Headquartered in Worcestershire, BizSmart® has successfully established itself as a 
leading business support provider by developing a series of proven support 
programmes with a key focus on bringing like-minded business leaders together via 
peer-to-peer learning and engagement. 
The firm has recently launched a new franchise model, which provides proven 
professionals with the opportunity to build and establish their own business 
supporting offering under the BizSmart® umbrella. 
Kevin Brent confirmed: “We have thoroughly enjoyed supporting Richard through 
his growth journey and are looking forward to seeing Langley Business Systems go 
from strength to strength in the coming years. 
“Research shows that business owners who join peer-to-peer support programmes 
will typically experience 2-3 times 1 the growth rate of those that don’t, proving its 
value. Therefore, in launching the BizSmart® Franchise, we are not only excited to 
expand our brand and innovative support programmes but are also looking forward 
to helping thousands of business owners achieve incredible growth, just as we have 
seen with Langley Business Systems.” 
Launched in November 2020, BizSmart® Franchises are available in key regions 
across the UK. 
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